fortune("statistical thinking")
## It is all too easy for statistical thinking to be swamped by programming
## tasks.
##    -- Brian D. Ripley
##       DSC 2001, Wien (March 2001)
fortune("cosmic radiation")
## You say yourself it wasn't reproducible. So it could have been anything
## that "crashed" your R, cosmic radiation, a bolt of lightning reversing a
## bit in your computer memory, ... :-)
##    -- Martin Maechler (replying to a bug report)
##       R-devel (July 2005)

A particular focus of my work is devising efficient, in terms of computational complexity and implementation, algorithms and tools for applying the methods I develop to prominent data-analytic scenarios. I also engage in designing and implementing principled data analysis pipelines for application domains (e.g. sports). This page lists the software I have (co-)developed and (co-)maintain in these directions.

R packages

Package Description Links
betareg Beta regression CRAN RForge
brglm Bias reduction for binomial-response generalized linear models CRAN GitHub
brglm2 Explicit and implicit methods for bias reduction in generalized linear models CRAN GitHub
brRasch Maximum likelihood and bias reduction for fixed-effects Rasch models GitHub
cranly Package directives and collaboration networks in CRAN CRAN GitHub
enrichwith Methods to enrich various R objects with extra components CRAN GitHub
PlackettLuce Plackett-Luce models CRAN GitHub
profileModel Tools for profiling inference functions for various model classes CRAN GitHub
semnar Methods for constructing and interacting with databases of presentations CRAN GitHub
trackeR Infrastructure for running and cycling data from GPS-enabled tracking devices CRAN GitHub
trackeRapp Interface for the analysis of running, cycling and swimming data CRAN GitHub
waldi Location-adjusted Wald statistics GitHub

cranly directives network for my R packages

Below, I am using my R package cranly to quickly build the directives network for my R packages.

clean_CRAN_db() %>%
    build_network() %>%
    plot(author = "Ioannis Kosmidis", legend = FALSE, width = "100%")